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E13   Ø 58.5

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Red filter to the engine more oxygen

The quality which confirms the success
Too often we tend to overlook the simplest elements and more in view of our system when we allow it instead with small operations to work better, making more and live longer.
Take for example the power system, from which it is erogatala "charge" of air and fuel that is closely related to the services provided by the engine.
The task of the filter is of vital importance, because on the one hand to prevent impurities from entering the engine (which can cause severe damage in a short time) and secondly it should allow the best possible breathing, without choking the engine.
Two requirements in stark contrast that can be reconciled in a filter-quality studies only with accurate, with great experience and use the best materials.
It is no coincidence, then, that all the major manufacturers are run from the filter design, which is the first element of the chain "breathing" of the engine, to achieve high performance engines suitable for use sport.
As is the undisputed leader in the production of engines for scooter racing is the definition of special feeding systems, Malossi have had the opportunity to develop the best scooter filter so far produced.
His name is RED FILTER and it is characterized by a lattice structure, lightweight and removable, and a filter element in the open cell polyurethane foam, flame retardant, high storage capacity.
This filter, which can be mounted in minutes on any scooter that comes with the specific attacks that allow you to secure the best possible position, has done and flushed surfaces and specially calculated to achieve the highest possible return for each scooter on the market ; also also ensures a very consistent performance.
Make the necessary and simple periodic cleaning operations, RED FILTER is able to always guarantee a perfect engine breathing, while ensuring a longer life.
Should not be neglected, then the benefits in terms of pollutant emissions: an engine that breathes better than Red Filter is also an engine that pollutes and consumes less.

Filters E13
E13 Air filter element with self-extinguishing polyurethane foam applied to the Orto carburettors Mikuni Khein and various applications.

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